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Here you find current informaton concerning different topics, also such that have once been up to date - sometimes you may like to read once again...

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Corona? Music is alive!

The Regional Youth Recorder Orchestra Baden-Wuerttemberg shows what can be possible despite of all the contemporary restrictions.

conducted by Daniela Schüler they have produced a wonderful video - listening to it simply makes a lot of joy!



It's a "must have heard!!

NEW: Consulting by video conference

You are unable to come to my workshop directly?
Or you would like to prepare your presonal visit in advance?

Video conference with Stephan Blezinger

A couple of things can be sorted outvia screen rairly well:

- talkiong about the revision of your recorder
- lisen and look for available instruments

The recorder and the corona virus

Update July 1, 2021

Feel welcome in my workshop!

As usual: tested, vaccinated or recovered

Yes - and with a face mask - thank you!

DHL seems to have found back to a kind of "regular mode".

So it is possible again to send instruments by standard post/DHL.



Also we recorder players can't get around the topic "corona virus".

How I use it as a recorder maker - you will find out it here.

Wir haben gefeiert!Einweihung42

Am Sonntag, dem 17. März 2019 gab es in meiner Werkstatt eine Einweihungsparty, die einfach nur gute Laune machte.


Lassen Sie uns feiern!

Es war eine Menge Arbeit, die neue Werkstatt einzurichten - nun möchte ich gerne mit Ihnen feiern:


Am Sonntag, dem 17. März 2019 von 15 - 18 Uhr

freue ich mich, Sie in meinem neuen Blockflöten-Laden zu begrüßen!

Und um 16 Uhr gibt es einen kleinen Leckerbissen mit dem

Ensemble DreiKlang Berlin

Schauen Sie doch mal rein...

My new workshop is growing - step by step...

With lots of joy I am busy on establishing the shop area and my new workplaces.

A great pleasure for me to see all this growing - and I have to see that it will take more time than I had expected...

My workshop will move!

For 22 years I have been resident in Eisednach - a good and successful time.

And now this period may find its end, something new maygrow.

My way will bring me to Berlin!

I will be glad to present you my new workshop space - when toe move has been done successfully. I am looking forward on that with great joy!

Up to then I ask you for understanding,

that my workshop will be closed until end of October.

And then - let's continue from new!

My workshop has moved!

For 22 years I have been resident in Eisednach - a good and successful time.

And now this period may find its end, something new maygrow.

I have moved with my workshop - from November 1st,  2018 you will find me in Berlin!

It may take another couple of days until my workshop wil be able to work as before.

My new address:

Stephan Blezinger

Meisterwerkstätte für Flötenbau

Deitmerstrasse 9

D-12163 Berlin (Steglitz)

Phone: +49-30- 7970 8883

Deitmer 01


Schauen Sie doch einfach rein!

And so you will find me...

No contact possible by email?

During the past weeks there has been a problem with my email account that was not visible for me immediately.

Obviously a couple of persons were unable to send mesages to my mail address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - sometimes they received an error notification such as "service unavailable" or similar.

I am sorry for that - and I assume and hope this problem will have been solved now.

Should you have been unable to reach me by email I ask you to try it again now.

For the case this would cause problems also now I ask you to contact me by phone or postal mail.

Have many thanks for your assistance!


Friedrich von Huene - Obituary

Friedrich von Huene

It was not until the evening of Whitsunday that I learnt of the passing of the American recorder maker Friedrich von Huene the previous week, on ‘Stockstadt Sunday’.

I have been deeply moved by this news.

Friedrich von Huene was one of the most eminent pioneers of historic recorder making. He was a tireless researcher into old instruments whom we can thank for so much knowledge about their secrets that, these days, we take for granted.

In gratitude and mourn i say my personal goodbye to him.


Stephan Blezinger
Meisterwerkstätte für Flötenbau
Deitmerstraße 9
D-12169 Berin
+49-30-7970 8883



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