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Soprano recorder after R. Wyne


Soprano recorder after R. Wyne- Soprano c"


The flute maker Robert Wyne died in 1774 at Nymegen, and few of his instruments have survived. One of them, a soprano recorder in c'' from the collection of Frans Brüggen, has been used as the basis of this copy. 

Only after restoration by Friedrich von Huene did the high quality of this instrument become evident. By virtue of its unusually slender construction, with its prominently bulging centre joint, it projects a very clear and bright tone. Because of its very precise and immediate response it is possible to play very rapidly on this recorder. 

This instrument is optionally available at the original pitch of 405 Hz or at 415 Hz, with modern (English) fingering with double holes.    

Original fingering and/or single holes are available on request.