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Alto recorder after P.I. Bressan


Alto recorder after P.I. Bressan - Alto f'

 Sound samples


The instrument maker Peter Bressan was born in France and later worked in London. My copy is modelled one of his best conserved instruments, which is now part of Frans Brüggen's private collection and which he played on several recordings of baroque chamber music. 

Its solid construction with its characteristically long foot joint, reflects the rich, full sound of this recorder. It is free-blowing with a brilliant high register and easy response. 


This instrument is optionally deliverable at the original pitch of 408 Hz, at 415 Hz or at 392 Hz, with modern (English) fingering with double holes.

The instrument is also available with 2 middle joints in 415 and 392 Hz.
Original fingering and/or single holes are available on request.

If requested, four-part imitation ivory mounts are available as on the original instrument.






Sound samples:


from: Charles Rosier - Sonata in G minor - Adagio

from: Pietro Antonio Fiocco - Sonata in C major   Presto

Marianne Mezger - recorder (alto recorder after P.   Bressan
in 415 Hz from boxwood)    
Ekkehard Weber - viola da gamba    
Paul   Simmonds - harpsichord

from: "Concerning Babell &  Son"


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