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Voice Flute after P.I. Bressan

VoiceFlute after P.I. Bressan - Voice Flute d'

 Sound samples


This instrument is based on the original now owned by Frans Brüggen. It is not just a tenor recorder in "church pitch" such as those built by J. Chr. Denner but a real voice flute in d', with a relatively narrow bore suitable above all for playing traverse-flute literature in the original keys. It is very transparent and flexible in tone which, combined with the comfortable positioning of the holes, makes it very easy to play. This instrument is especially bright in the upper register and speaks easily in both the upper and the surprisingly rich lower register.


The instrument is available either in 415 Hz or in 440 Hz (in which it can also be used as an alto recorder in Eb 415 Hz), with modern (English) fingering with double holes.    

Original fingering and/or single holes are available on request.

A four part decoration in imitation ivory corresponding to the original ornamentation is also possible.




Sound samples:


Jacques Morel - Chaconne en Trio

Marianne Mezger - recorder (Voice flute in 415 Hz from   boxwood)    
Ekkehard Weber - viola da gamba    
Paul Simmonds - harpsichord

from: "Kammermusik mit Blockflöte"