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Mammoth ivory



has over the last few years been imported from Siberia in astounding numbers. It basically resembles the ivory from elephant tusks. Due to its age, however, given that the teeth were buried in the Siberian ice for thousands of years, this type of ivory is slightly stronger and considerably more porose. It is often darker in colour, even brown at times. Many pieces are naturally permeated with fissures which render them unusable for instruments, of course.

It is however possible to find a piece that can be carved into decorations for Baroque instruments. If such crafting is handled with the appropriate care and the subsequent owner in turn cares for the decoration in the appropriate manner, these pieces add phenomenally to the beauty and value of a good instrument.

It is highly unlikely to find pieces of sufficient quality for the completion of an entire instrument. Aside from that, I would personally consider the risk of fissures far too high to want to guarantee for the longevity of the instrument.

The price of decorations made from mammoth ivory is dependent upon the current market value. Please contact me for a current quote.

PLEEASE NOTE: For the moment mammoth ivory is not available - only single parts are in my stock