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Alto recorder after J. Denner


Alto recorder after DennerAlto recorder after Denner- Alto f'

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The son of the woodwind instrument maker Joh. Chr. Denner, J. Denner, was a contemporary of G. Ph. Telemann who, it can be assumed, was familiar with J. Denner’s instruments since his works for recorder pre-supposed just such instruments.

J. Denner's alto recorders are renown for their powerful, overtone-rich and very brilliant sound with great response and an excellent high register.

As the model for my copy, I chose what is probably the best of his surviving instruments: the one in the Musikhistorisk Museum og Carl Claudius' Samling, Copenhagen.

Apart from its original A=415 Hz, I also offer this recorder in modern pitch A=440 Hz. This instrument impresses by an extremely clear response in all   registers and by its brilliant, present but also very flexible sound.

It is available with modern (English) fingering with double holes.

For instruments in A=415 Hz original fingering and/or single holes are available on request.

If requested, four-part imitation ivory mounts after the decoration on a similar original by J. Denner is available.






Sound samples


from: G. Ph. Telemann - Quartet g minor

Allegro (cutting)
Adagio (cutting)

Balthasar-Neumann-Ensemble Han Tol- recorder
(Alto recorder after J. Denner in 415 Hz from Grenadilla)

from: G. Ph. Telemann "Perpetuum mobile" - Kantaten & Sonaten"

F. Barsanti - Sonateain d minor

Allegro Assai

János Bali - recorrder, Dóra Pétery - harpsichord
(Alto recorrder after J. Denner in 415 Hz from Grenadilla)

from: "Italian Vrtuosi in London"