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The musical instruments prize


...for my alto recorder after Jacob Denner

Actually JACOB DENNER would  have deserved this outstanding award - his alto recorder which is nowadays in possession of the Musical historical   Museum Copenhagen, surely is one of the finest remaining instruments of its kind at all. The more I am pleased that my copy of this recorder was the top in all three parts of the examination. - a wonderful confirmation for my work.             

Of course  the same care also flows into the work on the other models of my program.

The German Musical Instruments Prize is awarded annually by the   Federal Ministry of Economy for two sorts of musical instruments.            

1996 besides the guitar the alto recorder was invited for competition.

Admitted for the competition were only instruments which are part of the regular deliverable program of a workshop.

The examination was held in 3 parts:

  • First the instruments were presented to a jury of well-known   musicians for a detailed musical examination. This was held in a darkened   room so that the jury members were unable to recognize which instrument they held in hands actually.
  • Following with the measurement equipment of the Federal Physical-Technical Institute each instrument was tested for its accuracy of tuning and further quality characteristics which are measurable objectively.
  • Finally the quality of craftsmanship visible on the   instruments was judged by an expert.

An important role for the valuation played the relation between price and quality