English (United Kingdom)

Buy your recorder directly from me 

Some preliminary remarks:

Making your recorder will usually take some time, typically four to six months, depending on the instrument, material and other options chosen. We will quote the delivery time for your instrument on request. Occasionally we may have the instrument you are looking for in stock.

You have several options:

  • Visit my workshop              

    Directions how to get to the workshop you will find in the roadmap. To avoid disappointment I strongly advise that you contact me in advance by phone or email.

  • Visit me at an exhibition              

    Exhibitions I attend are listed in my calendar. There you may find the instrument you have been looking for, and sometimes even your dream instrument that you didn't know you were missing

  • Order your instrument from me              

    This is the best way to get exactly the recorder you would like. I will gladly advise you on the best choice of material, tuning details etc. Usually I can judge quite accurately how long it will take to make your recorder. 

  • You can place your order when visiting my worksop, at an exhibition, by mail, email  or (the easiest way) by using the order form, having obtained advice in person or by phone if you so wish. Once your instrument is ready for delivery you are heartily welcome to come to my workshop   where you may be able to select your favourite recorder from a number of similar instruments. If necessary I can carry out some minor alterations there and then.