English (United Kingdom)

Tenor recorder
after P.I. Bressan

Tenor recorde after P.I. Bressan - Tenor c'

This instrument was developed after studying several tenor recorders by P. Bressan and other English makers. It was designed not only with the baroque repertoire in mind but also particularly for use in contemporary music.

The construction of this instrument with foot keys allows for a long bore. This leads to a very stable response of the low notes  with a powerful sound, yet at the same time the high register can be tuned very precisely. Even notes which are usually critical, like high c#, do not cause a problem.

The double key is made by an experienced key maker and responds to the highest demands of the player. Here I rejected historical key mechanisms and decided to follow the principles of classical woodwind key construction.

The instrument is available in A440 Hz with modern (English) fingering and double holes for d/d# and a double key for c/c#.