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BRESSAN by BLEZINGER - a new line!   





Bressan by Blezinger Stempel


This is a synthesis of research into P.I.Bressan’s best instruments and the combination of high precision technology and extensive craftsman’s experience.


Bressan by Blezinger Altflöte Kopf  


The colourful and brilliant tone that we know from Bressan’s instruments is combined with an incredibly easy response in all   registers as well as perfectly balanced intonation.

Thus we create instruments that allow complete immersion into the artistic   involvement with music in instrumental lessons and on the concert platform. 

As a token of thanks to P.I.Bressan these instruments carry vthe ”Rose of Lancaster“ in their trademark.





The BRESSAN by BLEZINGER recorders are available as:

  • Soprano in c"
  • Alto in f'
  • Tenor in c'

They can be purchased from designated recorder dealers

Detailed information can be found here