English (United Kingdom)

Everything is new - and yet familiar!

What is new?

New technologies

The whole site was reconstructed on a new technical basis that enables me to update the conent much easier in future.

So from now on  you will no longer be welcomed with 3 year old news...

Everything works smoother, the menus work more reliable and easier in use.

New look

Everything looks fresher and is easier to be read.

New features

The overview of all instruments is easily accessible from all pages and provides you with a quick overview without having to use the detailed selection menu
However thIs selection menu presents you  in the usual manner all available instruments, sorted by epoque, size or pitch - according to your requirements.

Instruments in "live view": By clicking on an instrument picture you can see an enlarged view - you may have a look in detail on every instrument.

And if you like to listen to them:  The new audio player which is now integrated into the pages presents many instruments musically - now without having to open a separate window. This quite independent from your technical ennvironment - if you like you may even listen to the music on your iPhone!

The new search function now presents a true full-text search - all pages in which the desired search term appears are listed, sorted by their popularity.

The completely redesigned forms for inquiry and order are now even clearer and always adapt exactly to your requests.

Coming exhibitions can now be found on each side - with one click you will access the detail view or the complete exhibition calendar.

On the redesigned homepage you will now find many up to date topics, instrument portraits, special offers - such as the  reference to this article.

Integration of Facebook, Twitter and Google+! Although I am not really a friend of these services, you may like to have the opportunity to recommend my pages to friends and colleagues. And the best is: Using a special technology ensures that in "normal use" no data will be passed to these services. Only activating the buttons expressively  will activate the functionality of Facebook, Twitter or Google+. So your data will keep safe! 

Concerning languages:

In order to be able now to present the new pages, for now I offer only a German and an English version. I ask my Dutch visitors to be patient, the Dutch version will follow soon - also a French Version!


and now....

Browse to your heart's content!

And should you discover a bug, have a question or suggestion, please drop me a mail!

Have a lot of joy!