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Repair service for your recorders

It does not matter whether it is a question of guarantee work, if after a lot of playing your recorder needs to be revised or if damage has occurred - your instrument will be in good hands with us also after the purchase.

From re-voicing, tuning corrections, repairs of cracks and keys to the manufacturing and replacing of recorder parts that have become un-repairable or lost, we carry out all necessary work for you competently and efficiently.

And recorders from other workshops?

These too are in good hands with us. We have gained a great deal of experience with instruments from all industrial as well as craftsman's workshops. On these, too, we carry out all necessary work well and quickly.

However, we ask you to consider: In many cases a repair done by us invalidates the guarantee by your recorder's manufacturer. During the guarantee period you should consider carefully if you would not rather make use of the manufacturer's guarantee instead.

How to proceed best...

Sometimes it is good to discuss an upcoming repair in advance. I recommend that you contact me by phone or by email. so that we will be able to talk with each other about the necessary work to be carried out and schedule this.
I also request that you include a written note with your instrument stating your complete address and a description of the defects.
When sending an instrument to me, please make sure you send it to my correct address. Please, also note that the return of your instrument will be at your own risk and your own cost. Please, send instruments always as a parcel and insure it if necessary according to its value.