English (United Kingdom)

Conditions for shipments on approval

It may not be possible for you to visit me in my workshop.
And maybe you aren't yet sure which of my instruments would be the right one for you.
Under certain conditions, I can send you one or a few instruments for testing or selection.

  • The precondition is that we already knew each other or that the shipment goes to a person known to me (e.g. a teacher) with whom you are able to test the instruments.
  • Shipments on approval are only possible within Germany or one of the EU countries, not abroad.
  • Unless otherwise agreed, a period of 10 days applies for you to test the instruments.
  • Instruments that you receive on approval may not be used for concerts, auditions, competitions or anything similar.
    Any such use shall be regarded as your consent to purchase the respective instrument.
  • Return shipment will be at your cost and risk.
  • You will be responsible for the content of the parcel from the moment it arrives to you or the person named by you until the parcel has been returned to me, and you will be responsible for any damage or loss.

What will happen after your decision?

  • If you decide to buy one of the instruments, you will receive a corresponding invoice from me - I hope you enjoy your new instrument very much!
  • If you decide not to buy one of the instruments, you will be charged a handling and cleaning fee of € 30.-.
    If the shipment includes more than 2 instruments, this fee will be increased to € 50.-.
    If you decide to purchase such an instrument afterwards, of course I will credit you for the paid fee.
    For shipments to countries outside Germany, I will also charge the shipping cost.

Please also note my general terms of delivery and payment!