English (United Kingdom)

My guarantee services

When I have sent your ordered recorder to you...

you can have a good long test during a period of 4 weeks. Does it respond to your ideas (I wouldn't spare any effort to reach this) we both will be satisfied. Should for any reason this instrument not be that one you had been longing for, you will have the right to return it to me within this period. Then as desired by you and according to my possibilities of delivery you will receive another instrument or you will receive back the purchase price I had received.

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Condition therefore is of course the impeccable state of the returned recorder.

The guarantee period of 2 years...

Within this period all work that attributes to faults of material or manufacturing will b done by me cost free

Furthermore the first revision of your recorder done by me is cost free in each case.

These guarantee services are however excluded when defects and faults base on damages after the delivery or improper use respectively insufficient maintenance. Also an interference of third persons to the instrument principally excludes all guarantee claims by me.

How to proceed best...

In case of having trouble with your recorder I recommend you to contact me before returning it by phone or by email so that we can discuss the necessary works together and schedule these.

I please you in each case to include a written note to your instrument with your complete address and a description of the defects.

When sending an instrument to me I please you to pay attention to my correct address. Please note that the return is to your own risk and to your own charge. Please, send instruments always as a parcel and insure it if necessary according to its value.