English (United Kingdom)

Tenor recorder after an
anonymous Italian instrument

Tenor recorde after Italian model - Tenor c'

 Sound samples


In the musical instrument collection of the Grassi Museum in Leipzig is a tenor recorder which is both very well preserved and of excellent musical quality. Although it is outwardly similar to some instruments by J. Chr. Denner, it is more probably of Italian origin.

My copy of this instrument has a distinctive strong, deep tone and speaks easily in all registers despite its short length. It has no keys on the foot-joint but is nevertheless relatively easy to finger. For players with small hands however, I offer a variation with slightly more convenient hole-positioning.

The instrument is available in 415 Hz with modern (English) fingering with double holes.    
Original fingering and/or single holes are available on request




Sound samples:


   John Jenkins - Suite in A minor

2. movement - Air
3. movement - Courant

Alan Davis - recorder
(Tenor recorder 415 Hz from maple)    
Jane Ryan - Viola da Gamba    
Andrew Hurst- Lute

from: "Preludes, Airs & Divisions"