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A good alternative:
Consulting by video conference

Of course - direct contact between you and me can not be replaced in any way.

Instruments should be tested, you want to get a direct impression about their sound, their tuning, their playing behaviour of a high quality recorder, and you want to select your personal favourite from the available instruments.

And best is to talk about the revision of your recorder while having it before us.

And sometimes this may be not possible at the moment.

MAybe for now the distance is simply too big.
Maybe you would like to get a quick orientation before your personal visit.

This could be a good moment for meeting each other by video conference!

How does that work?

Either by email or by phone we make an appointment - for now or later

I will send you an invitation link by email to get to my virutal meeting room.

As a conference tool I like to use Jitsi Meet - a cost free open source platform with high privacy standards.
Using a computer you simply can use your web browser (you are there at this moment) - and of course you need to have a camera and a microphone (usually on board in each laptop).
For using your mobile device (smartphone or tablet)  it is best to use the app "Jitsi Meet" - available either in the Google play store or the Apple app store.

That's all - we can come together!

Video conference with Stephan Blezinger