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Pay for your recorder by instalments

 My instruments are good value, they are worth the price to be paid for. Nevertheless the price is high, and sometimes it may be difficult to raise the sum at once

So I will assist you in future by  the opportunity to pay for your recorder by instalments.

If necessary, you are allowed to pay the price by up to 10 monthly instalments.

There are no interests or additional fees to be paid.

However, some conditions are necessary:

  • We need to know each other well enough as trustworthy persons
  • In this case the actual list price of the bought instrument has to be paid, also if the instrument was ordered some time ago.
  • The first instalment has to be paid on reception of the instrument.
  • The amount of each instalment must not decrease 10 % of the purchase price.
  • The instalments must be paid in cash or by bank transfer. Charging your credit card is not possible in this case. And I must request you to carry all bank fees.
  • You need to be sure about your ability really to do all payments within one year. Should you come in default with your payments over the agreed degree the remaining sum will be payable  at once

It is necessary to make an according concrete agreement before your purchase..

If necessary, simply address me!

See my general payment conditions