Stephan Blezinger

Meisterwerkstätte für Flötenbau

  1. Order an instrument

  2. Step 1: The instrument and its properties

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  4. Model selection

  5. Select an instrument from the list:*
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  6. Instrument details

  7. The material
  8. Material:*
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  12. additional material requests (i.e. stained/natural)
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  13. The pitch
  14. Basic pitch:*
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  15. evtl.. 2. pitfch:
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  16. If you like, select a second Body with a neighboured pitch
  17. If requested, select a second Body in 415 or 392 Hz
  18. additional comments concerning pitch:
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  19. The fingering
  20. Fingering:*
    Please select a fingering from the list
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  22. Historic fingering and single holes are only available in 415 Hz!
  23. Additional requests concerning fingering and hole positions:
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  1. Order an instrument

  2. Step2: About your person and the delivery

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  4. Personal Information

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  12. Country:
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  13. Phone number:*
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  14. Email:*
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  15. MY experience:

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  16. My profession:

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  18. Purchase and delivery Information

  19. Urgence:
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  20. Requested delivery time
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  21. Which way do you like to receifve your instrument?

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  22. Requested payment method

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  23. Nobody loves these code fields -- me not too - however they are necessary to prevent spam mail
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  25. Submitting this form will not yet cause a formal order.. This will be valid only after personal contact and a formal confirmation from my side..

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