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Solidarity in times of Corona - my offer

Even more than usually in these times standing together is important. Many people can help where they are engaged. I try to help the way I am able to.

Particularly musical freelancers as well as instrumental teachers see their material existence under threat caused to the nearly complete close down of cultural life.

Here in Germany our government tries to give support - we simply may hope this will help to avoid at least the worst. I do not know the situation in other countries.

Also for my workshop the situation in the next time will not be easy - two really important exhibitions here in Germany have been cancelled due to governmental restrictions. Of course I will have to pay for workshop rent and other cost continuing, so I will takte governmental help too as far as possible.

I would like to forward some support to you within my means:

For all those whose economic existence is under theat now caused by the Corona crisis I offer

a discount of 15 % on each instrument of my workshop

This offer will be valid the entire year 2020.
As usual for me this means the date of your order and not of delivery.

This offer is dedicated to:

  • freelance musicians without any other income
  • freelance music teachers whose payment is now restricted or no longer applicable
  • this includes students who are active in these areas

I ask you to be solidaric from your side - please take this offer only for the case you belong to the mentioned group of people - thank you!

And I ask for your understanding that this offer can not be combined with any further possible price reduction.

Should you be willing to take this offer I ask you contact me directly, by mail or phone.



Stephan Blezinger
Meisterwerkstätte für Flötenbau
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