Stephan Blezinger

Meisterwerkstätte für Flötenbau

On behalf of a customer I offer:

Transitional g alto recorder in 466 
from Ehropean boxwood!

FBAlt 466This is an instrument I do no longer offer in my list:

A transitional g alto recorder  in 466 from stained  European boxwood.

This recorder was purchased in 2017 by a player that that fell in love spontaneously with the moarvellous sound. Unfortunately shortly thereafter whe got a serious injury which did no longer allow to play recorder.

This recorder is nearly unplayed and absolutely as new!

The price idea is  € 1200.-

So I offer this wonderful instrument for her in client's order. This means that I do not invoice this recorder, the payment might be done directly to the owner.

For goodwill reasons I offer for this instrument a full two years guarantee.

You can see this instrument in my workshop.

If interested, please contact me.