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The recorder and the corona virus

Update March 27, 2020

According to current governmental resrictions, my workshop is closed for public these times.

For the case you like to send me an instrument I ask you to contact me in advance by phone or email - thank you!


Also we recorder players can't get around the topic "corona virus".
When instruments get into other hands (and other lips) they can become a source of infection. And with everything we know about this virus, it's clear that even people without symptoms of illness can be contagious for a certain time.

For me as a recorder maker, this is of course an almost everyday topic I have to deal with.

How to avoid infection risks:

  • Every instrument that comes into my workshop is thoroughly disinfected before I take it to my lips.
  • The same I do with every instrument before shipping.
  • For disinfection I use an alcohol-based agent. When used properly, this works sufficiently well against corona and some related virus types (for example influenza). This is the state of information that I have come across from medical experts.
    Also important: alcohol does neither harm the material nor you as a player - at least when it has evaporated. When the wood surface is lightly oiled afterwards, no instrument will suffer any damage.

This is how I do my best to avoid unnecessary risks.
If you do your part we will continue to enjoy our wonderful instruments.


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